Celebrating ten years

Modern and Traditional Kitchen Ranges

Discover our collection of bespoke German-designed Leicht Kitchens 

German Kitchen designs by Leicht, fully designed, planned and installed by the Leicht Kitchen Design Centre and made to order in Germany. With our innovative kitchen designs and flexible modules, your kitchen can be developed to suit your own personal vision.


With over 80 years’ experience in designing and building kitchens our Leicht kitchen designers have developed skills and a keen eye to make cooking and kitchen living easier and more enjoyable. From innovative storage to clever cabinetry they strive to produce the best kitchens.

How It's Made

Leicht sets modern kitchen standards with their carcase variants. High quality, not only where it is immediately visible, but in the construction with extremely strong frames, carcase backs sealed and coated to both SVR faces, all round carcase edging, concealed metal suspension fixings and much more.